Provence Platters - Francois Frères Reclaimed Wine Cask Serving Platter - 53cms

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Every one of these reclaimed, wood platters has a story to tell. This Provence Platter has the Cooper's Mark from Francois Frères and began as an oak tree in a French or American forest.

Coopers hew the wood and stack it in the open air, continuously dampening and curing it for years before handcrafting the planks into oak wine casks. Wine typically ages in the barrel for four years, receiving the oak’s distinctive flavor. When the oak's flavor diminishes, Australian Marketing + Design reclaims the barrel heads, running the coopers's craft in reverse. Every Provence Platter is handcrafted, resulting in unique markings, wood grains, and textures. For added functionality, the refinished cask heads are paired with hand-wrought iron handles making these serving pieces as durable as they are beautiful.

The result is a beautiful platter for wine and cheese, grapes, fine meats and bread.

The Provence Platter is perfect for entertaining, or for giving as a unique birthday or wedding gift. Make it your wonderful Wedding gift, and serve the roast from this reclaimed design.

Available with or without a Lazy Susan (transforming it into a 'turntable'), these platters are perfect for entertaining, as a functional decor piece, or for high-end gift giving.

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