Which Glasses Are Which?

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      Coming out of the opticians with FOUR pairs of glasses, Hilly Beavan  could see an immediate problem. Which glasses were which? Were the ones in the blue case for music or reading? Which pair should live in the car? The only ones she could identify with any confidence were the prescription sunglasses.
      No problem, she thought – there’s bound to be a case featuring a treble clef (although alto might be a bit optimistic) in the music shop. But there wasn’t. She scoured the internet, Ebay, Amazon etc – didn’t find many specs cases at all, and none which helped in any way to identify what the glasses inside were for.
      So they designed their own, and here they are. Hilly knew she wasn’t alone after spotting a friend’s case with “music glasses” sellotaped to the lid – so these designs are for everyone who has ever wondered “which glasses are which”!
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