Julie Bell - Luxury Die Stamped Stationery - Bee - 10 Single Note Cards & Envelopes

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10 Cream A6 single cards with 10 envelopes engraved in black and gold with a Bee design and presented in a wallet with a hand tied grosgrain ribbon.

Handmade & hand finished in the UK.

Julie Bell's delightful die stamped stationery is produced using traditional hand engraved copper and steel dies. Vintage, hand-fed presses are used and each card is stamped out by hand ensuring each design is a hand engraved raised image.

Engraved or Die Stamped stationery, as it is often referred to, is produced from either a hand engraved steel die or an acid etched plate. The plate or die is placed in a vintage printing press and each card is stamped out individually. It is a printing process which is based on 16th century technology! It is still considered to be the most exclusive printing process.

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