Emma Bridgewater - 4 x Polka Dot Folk Border Melamine Surfaced Placemats 29x22cms

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Brighten up your dining table with this colourful set of 4 x Emma Bridgewater melamine placemats, featuring the bestselling �Polka Dot� design decorated with the 'Folk' border.

This set contains 4 individual placemats that are backed with a supportive cork material, to keep surfaces scratch free, and a wipe-clean melamine coated surface which allows for any spills or mess to be cleaned with ease.

The cork backed, melamine surfaced placemats are extremely durable and will give years of pleasure. To care for your placemats, please wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Heat resistant to 90 degres C/194 degrees F.

Do not use with hot dishes straight from the oven, immerse in water or use as a chopping board!

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