Bath House - Feel Good - Bath Salts Sachet - Brights 60g

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Soften, scent water and enjoy the gorgeous fragrance of jasmine, for your pleasure and delight! Perfect to pop in the post for a faraway friend who deserves a 'feel good' treat!


The Feel Good, Look Good Collection

Bathing is for when a bad day leaves you feeling enough is enough; simply cleanse and refresh with lively orange flower and neroli to spontaneously create a sense of optimism and contentment. You'll soon be feeling 'pretty perfect' from top to toe, with an irresistible choice of bathing and bodycare fragrant luxuries.

Bath House is based in the heart of Cumbria. The company has been creating its own unique fragrances since 1997 and supplies many of the best independent retailers throughout the UK - 'Our ethos is to always strive to create something special and individual, but with bags of style, made in Britain and created to exceed all expectations.' All the products are hand-finished, the bodycare products and fragrances are unique and can take up to 12 months to develop and test before the product is produced. Essential oils and natural extracts are used in all the products, specially picked for their beneficial qualities. None of the products have been tested on animals, no animal ingredients are used in any of the products, and all the soap bars are vegetable-based. Natural preservatives are used wherever possible. Paper and board is sourced from a local mill in Cumbria, and every effort is made to ensure that the extracts are from a sustainable and ethical source. Everything is designed at the home of Bath House in Sedburgh, Cumbria.

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