A Little Trinket - Handmade Lampwork - Light/Fan/Blind Pull - Rainbow Collection by Anna Tillman

SKU: 7569

These could be light pulls, equally they work for fans and blinds too!

The Rainbow Light Pulls are all frosted to a matte finish which allows the colours of the glass to 'glow'.They are available in two rainbow options, each with 6 different bands of colour, choose from:

Red - with the red band at the widest point, yellow at the bottom and purple at the top 

Purple - with the purple band at the widest point, green at the bottom and red at the top

Light pulls are approximately 4cm (standard) or 6cms (large) high, each one is individually made, so there is some variation, that's the joy of handmade!

The hole at the top is approximately 3.5mm in diameter with a larger diameter hole at the bottom to hide the knot in your pull cord.

Each and every 'A Little Trinket' is individually created by Anna L Tillman, a master craftswoman, in Chichester, UK.  She combines traditional techniques with modern materials to create unique accessories for fun loving individuals looking for a cheerful splash of colour in 'A Little Trinket'

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