I Coloniali - Deep Massage Body Oil With Myrrh - 125ml - J&E Atkinsons

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The resin of the Myrrh tree was originally found in Arabia and North Africa, where it was venerated as a sacred tree. Myrrh, the precious ritual offering in the ceremonies of ancient Oriental religions, has a number of beneficial properties, known since ancient times, that range from revitalising and toning to soothing and purifying.

Carefully selected oils are used in this product formulated for massaging and for the wellbeing of both the body and the senses. This precious oil embraces the body, revitalising it, thanks also to the sublime olfactory properties of Myrrh. The exceptional formula renders the skin silken to the touch, and leaves you with an intense feeling of wellbing.

Massage the skin using circular movements paying special attention to points of tension I Coloniali was created by J&E Atkinsons, perfume-makers in London since 1799.

This range of original products is formulated with natural Oriental ingredients, known for centuries for their cleansing and healing properties, designed to make every moment of pampering a ritual search for a deeper sense of well-being.

I Coloniali is elegantly designed with all packaging made from natural and recyclable materials of pottery, glass and metal.

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