TIME BOMB - Take Off Time Cleanse & Buff Cream 125ml - Federici Brands

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Lulu's Time Bomb - Take Off Time - Cleansing Cream 125ml

Wash away the years... For mature skin a cleanser must do more than simply take-off makeup and grime. Take-Off Time Cleanser contains a unique blend of round cleansing beads and sharp magnesium oxide crystals to gently remove the outer layer of skin that can no longer slough off naturally.

These crystals, (the key ingredient in micro dermabrasion), are the most effective tool for sloughing off that dry, grey outer layer of skin to reveal a dewy, rosy, youthful texture.

Special moisturizing agents keep skin from becoming dry and help reveal a more youthful complexion almost instantly.

Daily use brings you closer to plump, dewy, younger looking skin.

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